Board of Commissioners Resolutions

Number Title Status Date View
P1710010 Monthly Per Diems Proposed 10/19/2017
P1710156 Approve conveyance of property for Parks purposes Proposed 10/19/2017
P1710287 SW Michigan Behavioral Health Contract Proposed 10/19/2017
A1710289 Approve contract with KPEP for probationary programs Proposed 10/19/2017
P1710290 Accept donation for Baby's Own Bed Program Proposed 10/19/2017
F1710292 Approve contract with Byrne Software for Pension program Proposed 10/19/2017
P1710294 Accept DNR Trust Fund Grant for Paw Paw River County Park Proposed 10/19/2017
B1710097 Weekly Requisitions Proposed 10/19/2017
F1710050 Weekly Bills Proposed 10/19/2017
P1710295 Approve Health Department Administration Reorganization Proposed 10/17/2017
B1710307 Acknowledge former Road Commission Action Adopted 10/05/2017
F1710300 Road Departmetn Payables/Payroll Adopted 10/05/2017
F1710048 Weekly Bills Adopted 10/05/2017
B1710095 Weekly Requisitions Adopted 10/05/2017
B1710096 Weekly Requisitions Adopted 10/12/2017
F1710049 Weekly Bills Adopted 10/12/2017
F1710279 2017 Drain Roll Approval Adopted 10/12/2017
P1710288 Complement Change Clerk's Office Adopted 10/12/2017

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