Board of Commissioners Resolutions

Number Title Status Date View
P1708008 Monthly Per Diems Proposed 08/17/2017
B1708089 Weekly Requisitions Proposed 08/17/2017
F1708042 Weekly Bills Proposed 08/17/2017
P1708235 Trial Court Complement Change Proposed 08/17/2017
P1708255 Approve AFSCME Contract 2017-2018 Proposed 08/17/2017
A1708259 Apply Secondary Road Patrol Grant Proposed 08/17/2017
P1708260 Renew Contract SWMBA Proposed 08/17/2017
A1708262 OHSP Grant Acceptance Proposed 08/17/2017
A1708265 Contract City of St. Joseph Police Protection Proposed 08/17/2017
A1708268 Purchase Dock through Treasurer Sale Proposed 08/17/2017
B1708087 Weekly Reqs Adopted 08/03/2017
F1708040 Weekly Bills Adopted 08/03/2017
P1708250 Submit Application for Veterans Grant Adopted 08/03/2017
B1708088 Requisitions Adopted 08/10/2017
F1708041 Weekly Bills Adopted 08/10/2017
B1708236 Set Public Hearings Adopted 08/10/2017
F1708252 Approve Contract with Spicer for Drains Adopted 08/10/2017
P1708251 MDEQ Recycling Education Grant Acceptance Adopted 08/10/2017
A1708254 Amend FY17 SWMBA Grant to Move Funding Adopted 08/10/2017
P1708256 Renew Maintenance Contract for ROD Software Adopted 08/10/2017
F1708257 Full Faith & Credit for Lighthouse Creek Drain #298 Adopted 08/10/2017
A1708258 Contract with Buchanan Township for Police Protection Adopted 08/10/2017
P1708263 Contract with Great Lakes Health Information Adopted 08/10/2017
A1708264 Submit 2017-2018 Snowmobile Grant Application Adopted 08/10/2017

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