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1. How can I get a copy of a deed?
2. How do I change a name, remove a name or add a name to my deed?
3. Will you record an emailed or faxed copy of my document?
4. Where should I send the document to be recorded?
5. To whom should a check or money order be made payable to for recording fees?
6. May I include a payment for taxes or other county department receipts with my payment to the Register of Deeds office?
7. Who can notarize my document?
8. What is the cost to record a document?
9. Are there additional fees when recording a document?
10. Can I record a copy of a court document?
11. Can I record a copy of a death certificate?
12. How do I search the website for a copy of my deed?
13. Can I get a blank deed form/template from your office?
14. What are the requirements to record a document?
15. Do you have a survey of my property?
16. Who can get a copy of my deed?
17. I've paid off my mortgage. How do I get a copy of the new deed?
18. My spouse passed away and our property is in both our names. What do I do? Will I receive a new deed with just my name on it?