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  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Request
  3. 3. Item Description
  4. 4. Use descriptions
  5. 5. Resource Purpose
  6. 6. Requestor Info
  • Introduction

    1. Notice
      Do not include any sensitive information on this form or (if applicable) files uploaded to this form. Sensitive information includes, but is not limited to, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account information, routing numbers, medical information, passport numbers, or passwords.
    2. Berrien County EOC General Procurement Strategy
      The Agency/Organization submitting a resource request must exhaust all efforts to procure resources using their normal processes and will track costs to apply to federal/state reimbursement under their own application later, if they so choose to apply. The agency will also track donations to offset their match requirements for federal reimbursement later, as applicable.
    3. The EOC can only submit resource requests using public monies for entities that are assigned or contracted to respond to the emergency formally. This notice is to inform non-governmental entities; especially private, for profit entities, that they need to be performing work under contract or at the express direction, control, and supervision of a public entity at the local, state, or federal levels. This form will ask you to identify the entity you are working under, but we currently do not require proof of contract. You are submitting this form in good faith and could be subject to penalty later if found you have used this form in a manner inconsistent with the intent explained herein or to gain a competitive advantage for profit or gain.
    4. IF the Agency/Organization cannot find a resource under their normal procurement processes, THEN they may submit a resource request to the Emergency Operations Center. By submitting the online form at: (this form), the request will go to the Emergency Operations Center Logistics Section Chief (EOC LSC). The EOC LSC will work with the Health Dept LSC to classify the priority of the request compared against all of the other requests for resources. The agency/organization must provide sufficient information, provide cost justification related to what the resource will be used for, and quantity justifications to allow the EOC LSC to place an order .
    5. IF the requesting agency is able to find the requested resource on their own while an order is pending, THEN they have the responsibility to notify the EOC LSC that the order can be reallocated to another entity or cancelled.
    6. IF the EOC LSC is able to source the resource locally, the EOC LSC will either 1. procure the item and invoice the requesting agency, or 2. provide the requesting agency with the quote and contact information for the requestor to purchase on their own. IF the item is a scarce resource, the EOC Finance Section Chief is authorized by the requesting agency to make the purchase and invoice them. The justification for this agreement is so the scarce resource isn't purchased by another buyer while trying to work out the details of who will make the purchase (agency vs County).
    7. IF the EOC LSC is unable to find a local source after exhausting a reasonable effort to find the resource, THEN the request will be escalated to the State Emergency Operation Center. The State has the ability to make purchases directly from the disaster contingency fund, so there will be no invoice generated if the State procures the resource unless the cost is later determined to be unallowable. If the cost is determined to be unallowable later, the requester is responsible for cost reimbursement to the State.
    8. All scarce resources ordered and provided may not be ideal or even meet CDC PPE guidance requirements. We offer no guarantee of the quality or quantity of products or services provided and the requesting agency/organization understands we will fulfill the request in the best way we are able. The decision to use and the manner of use for the product/service delivered rests with the requesting agency.
    9. The requesting agency/organization will be responsible for pick of supplies from a warehouse in Benton Harbor when it arrives.
    10. By submitting this form, the requester agrees to these conditions.