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Report Disaster Damage


  1. 1. Instruction Page
  2. 2. Property Type/Location
  3. 3. Owner / Submitter Info
  4. 4. Describe Damage Amount
  5. 5. Describe Damage Type
  6. 6. Submit Photos of Damaged Property
  • Instruction Page

    1. Notice
      Do not include any sensitive information on this form or (if applicable) files uploaded to this form. Sensitive information includes, but is not limited to, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account information, routing numbers, medical information, passport numbers, or passwords.
    2. Please complete this form to report damage caused by a disaster in Berrien County. Never place your self in danger to inspect damage. Use your best judgment as we will verify the information at a later date. Do not use this form to request emergency assistance. You will need to call 911 for an emergency. Leave answers that don't apply blank unless they require an answer.
    3. Estimate to the best of your ability if you don't know exactly. Use the above to express the date and time the event started and the date and time it ended.