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Emergency Management - Training Feedback Form

  1. Introduction

    Hello,  Thank you for attending training delivered or hosted by the Berrien County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division.  This form is a quick assessment of the training that was delivered overall.  If you have any specific feedback this form does not cover, or any questions, please send us a message at [email protected] and we will get back with you.

  2. Overall the course objectives were covered.*
  3. Overall the content was relevant to me.*
  4. Overall, the training material was clear and facilitated learning.*
  5. Overall, the instructor facilitated learning.*
  6. The amount of time for the training was:*
  7. Would you recommend the course to others?
  8. Explain the areas in which the program exhibited good or best practices that should remain part of the program.

  9. Explain which areas can and should be improved.

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