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  1. 1. District Information
  2. 2. Point of Contact
  3. 3. Fire Related Exercises
  4. 4. Severe Weather/Tornado Exercises
  5. 5. Security Related Exercises
  6. 6. Conclusion
  • District Information

    1. Scheduling of Drills 

      *PLEASE NOTE* A schedule of the safety drills for the school year are due by September 15th of each school year. A scheduled drill that is not conducted on a scheduled drill day, as prescribed in the Act, will not result in a violation of the Act if the school conducts the minimum number of drills required under the Act, and if the school reschedules the drill to occur within 10 school days after the scheduled date of the canceled drill, and the chief administrator notifies the Berrien County Emergency Management Coordinator of the rescheduled date for the drill.  A schedule change notification to the Berrien County Emergency Management Coordinator must be made to 269-983-7141 ext. 4975. 

    2. Please type in the name of your district.

    3. Please provide the name of the building for which the drill schedule applies to.

    4. Physical Address (not mailing)

    5. Please provide the expected enrollment for the following school year.  If you need to estimate, provide a range (Low-High).

    6. Enrollment Confidence*