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Emergency Management


    Public Act 12 of 2014 (an act to amend 1941 PA 207) requires all schools to notify their local Office of Emergency Management of school... More…

  2. Emergency Management Contact Form

    Use this form to contact the emergency management staff.

  3. Sharefile Account Request

    This form is designed to track user accounts for the Berrien County EMHSD Sharefile access.

  1. CERT Academy Wait List (Interest)

    Use this form to express interest in the next CERT academy. They are usually run one time each year. You will be notified directly... More…

  2. Report Disaster Damage

    Use this form to report property damage caused by a Disaster in Berrien County. Do not use this form to request emergency assistance.... More…

  3. Special Needs, Functional Needs, or Transportation Needs Notification

    This form mirrors the functional needs card that is published in the yearly mailer to the community. Those who may need special... More…