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Challenger and Poll Watcher Training Quiz

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  2. Challenger and Poll Watcher Quiz
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  4. Training Confirmation*

    By checking the box below, you are agreeing that you have watched the video required, or have attended an in-person training to receive certification to be a Challenger/Poll Watcher.

    If you have not completed in-person training or watched the required training video, please complete the Challenger and Poll Watcher Training Video before completing this quiz.

  5. 1. When is it permissible for a challenger to challenge a voter?*
  6. 2. A challenger may not challenge any voter issued an absentee ballot who appears at the polls on election day claiming that he or she never received the absentee ballot, lost the absentee ballot or destroyed the absentee ballot.*
  7. 3. A challenger has the right to challenge a voter in any instance where the precinct board fails to prepare a "challenged ballot" for a voter when required.*
  8. 4. If a voter enters the precinct without an acceptable form of photo ID.*
  9. 5. Which of the following is not an acceptable form of photo ID?*
  10. 6. A challenger may...*
  11. 7. A challenger must be in possession of an identification card that contains the challenger's name, the appointing political party, group or organization, and *
  12. 8. A challenger is prohibited from...*
  13. 9. A challenger has the right to...*
  14. 10. A challenger may do all of the following except...*
  15. 11. If a voter appears at the polls to vote bus has already received an absentee ballot in the mail, which of the following is true?*
  16. 12. A Poll Watcher...*
  17. 13. Both a challenger and a poll watcher...*
  18. 14. A poll watcher in an absent voter counting board is sequestered in the room in which the absent voter counting board is working until the close of polls at 8:00 p.m.*
  19. 15. Both challengers and poll watchers may obtain the vote results generated in the precinct after the polls close.*
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