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Green Room

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Admission Fee

Green Room with Pavilion Rental: $50 for Berrien County residents; $100 for non-Berrien County residents


Park Rules - Ordinance 8 (PDF)


  1. Air Conditioned Building
  2. Electrical Outlets
  3. Heated Building
  4. Restrooms


The Green Room at Silver Beach County Park can be rented in conjunction with a rental of the Shadowland Pavilion or Dunes Pavilion. The Green Room is a small, private, indoor space perfect for a dressing room, cooling/heating room, and secure storage space for guests renting a pavilion. Located within close proximity to the Pavilions, guests can easily access the Green Room by a short walk on paved sidewalks. Guests will be given a personal access code to the Green Room during their rental period.

The Green Room is approximately 11 feet by 11 feet and has an air conditioner, heater, 4 chairs, 1 loveseat, table, mirror, and electrical outlets. Although there is not direct access to the restrooms from within the Green Room, there are restrooms located within the same building as the Green Room. Guests will need to leave the Green Room and walk around the building (on sidewalks) to access the restrooms.


Green Room with Pavilion Rental:
  • $50 for Berrien County residents
  • $100 non-Berrien County residents

Reserve the Green Room

If you have a date in mind, check out the Facility Reservation Calendar to learn if that date is available. Then, contact the Parks Administration Office at 269-983-7111, ext. 8435. A reservation form will be filled out and mailed to you. The full rental fee is due upon reserving the facility. The Green Room can be rented/reserved from mid-May through September 30th. The Green Room is unavailable from October 1st through early May.
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