What is meant by “Straight Party Ticket”, “Split Ticket”, or “Mixed Ticket”?

These terms apply only to the partisan part of your ballot in a General Election (not a Primary):

  • Voters may quickly vote a Straight Ticket for all candidates of one political party. Vote for all by marking your ballot for one party.
  • Split Ticket by overriding their Straight Ticket choice for any office. Each candidate under the party selected will receive a vote except where superseded by a direct vote for a candidate.
    • Note: if you vote for candidates of more than one political party in a primary election, none of your partisan selections will be counted.
  • Mixed Ticket by selecting each office individually and not selecting a party.
  • If you vote a "straight ticket," only the partisan offices are included. The following offices (at the state level) are not included: Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. Although Supreme Court candidates are usually nominated by political parties, their names appear on the "nonpartisan" portion of the ballot.

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1. What is meant by “Straight Party Ticket”, “Split Ticket”, or “Mixed Ticket”?
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