When are the sample L-4034s & L-4029s provided?

It cannot be stressed enough that Berrien County Equalization has historically decided to provide sample forms as a courtesy and we do not guarantee that they will be provided in the future. Historically, sample forms have been provided at the earliest possible convenience which is usually early in May. Please keep checking this page. If you need forms sooner, please consider preparing your own form using information from the L-4028.

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1. When are the sample L-4034s & L-4029s provided?
2. What is the L-4034?
3. What is the L-4029?
4. Where does the L-4029 get filed?
5. When is the L-4029 due?
6. Where does the information on the L-4029 come from?
7. What is the L-4028?
8. When is the L-4028 completed?