Outdoor Showers

8/11/23 UPDATE:

All of the showers are OUT OF ORDER.

Outdoor Showers by Beach

Covered in sand? Worried about how much sand you are going to bring back with you to your vehicle and home? Rinse all of the extra sand off at the Outdoor Showers at Silver Beach County Park. Outdoor Showers are located on the beachside of the main restroom buildings, as well as just south of the playground along the beach sidewalk.

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1. Access to South Pier
2. Barrier Free Walkways
3. Beach Wheelchair
4. Concession Stand
5. Drinking Fountains
6. Grills
7. Kayak / SUP Rentals
8. Lifeguards
9. Outdoor Showers
10. Parking Lot
11. Pavilions
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13. Picnic Tables
14. Restrooms
15. Swimming Beach
16. Volleyball Courts