What are the various Circuit Court fees?

These are the fees:

  • Open a file - $175 No additional fee to file any motion or petition on the same day as opening the file.
  • Motion and Petitions - $20 (one or more may be filed on the same day in the same case for one $20 fee).  Family post judgment fees are $60 or $100 depending on the relief requested.
  • Garnishment - $15 (each writ)
  • Request & Order to Seize Property - $15
  • Subpoena ( judgment debtor ) - $15
  • Jury Demand - $85
  • Copies - $1 per page
  • Certified copies - $10 for certification and $1 for each copied page
  • Exemplified copies - $10 for exemplification and $1 for each copied page
  • To file an Appeal to the Circuit Court is $150 and to the Court of Appeals is $25

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1. What are the various Circuit Court fees?
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