I am a college student, do I still have to serve and miss classes?

College students are required to serve at the conclusion of the semester or academic year.  Respond to the questionnaire with a week that the student will be available.  If a student has relocated and established a residence away at school (ex. renting an apartment year-round in East Lansing or Ann Arbor), that student may be excused as a non-resident with proof of their relocation (signed lease agreement, utility bill, etc.) or a copy of their state-issued I.D. including their updated address.  

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1. What do I do if I have a medical problem and I don't feel that I would be able to serve?
2. What can I do if I don't hear well and I am afraid I will miss significant testimony?
3. What about work?
4. I am a college student, do I still have to serve and miss classes?
5. I am a nursing mother. Do I have to serve?
6. I have small children and don't have a sitter. Do you provide daycare?
7. What does it pay?
8. What if I don't show up?
9. Are there exemptions?
10. I was convicted of a felony, can I still serve?
11. I served less than one year ago, do I have to serve again?
12. Why am I called every year and I know people who have never been called?
13. I live in another state during the winter months and I won't be in Michigan during any of the months in my quarter. What should I do?