How does the claim process work?
  • Your application is looked over for completeness. Be sure to complete all sections. An inaccurate form will be returned to you with a list of the papers and other information needed.
  • Your claim is assigned a claim number and we notify your Prosecuting Attorney that you filed a claim. We send for police reports and other papers we may need.
  • All papers and records received in our office are reviewed by a claim specialist. How long it takes depends on how accurate and complete your application is, and how long it takes to get other information we need to investigate.
  • You will receive a written decision with the record and findings of your claim. If your claim is approved, the decision will show itemized payments and payments will be made within a few days. If you owe money to your medical providers, we will pay the providers. If your claim is denied, the legal reason for the denial will be explained to you.

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2. What kind of financial help may be available?
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10. How does the claim process work?
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