What do I need to send in?
  • A fully completed application.
  • Itemized copies of all bills you want to claim. If you will need more medical treatment, see if your doctor can give a written estimate of future expenses.
  • If you have insurance or Medicare, send copies of your insurance benefit statements for all expenses.
  • For lost earnings, send copies of recent payroll check stubs and a disability statement from your doctor.
  • For burial assistance, send a copy of the signed itemized funeral bill.
  • For counseling, ask your therapist for the assessment, a treatment plan, and an itemized billing or estimate. Your therapist can send in the claim for you, if they wish.
  • For loss of support, send check stubs or the last tax return of the person who died, the social security survivor's benefit and life insurance statements.
  • If you're not sure what to send, just send in your completed application and we'll let you know what is needed.

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2. What kind of financial help may be available?
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9. What do I need to send in?
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