How can I get an application?

Applications are available from the commission's office, county prosecuting attorneys, victim assistance agencies, state police posts, and other agencies and care providers. Send the fully completed application to:
Crime Victim Services Commission
320 S Walnut
Lansing, MI 48913
Phone: 517-373-7373

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1. Can you be helped?
2. What kind of financial help may be available?
3. What are the limits on payments?
4. What's not covered?
5. What's not covered?
6. Are there other benefits?
7. How can I get an application?
8. When should I file your claim?
9. What do I need to send in?
10. How does the claim process work?
11. What if my claim is turned down?
12. Am I entitled to confidentiality?
13. Who pays for this compensation?
14. What happens if I give false information?