What steps should we take to prepare our property?

Research the flood-proofing options available to you. Can you install a quick-disconnect furnace, or elevate electrical and mechanical equipment? Are there steps you can take to alleviate pressure on your structure and to prevent extensive damage to doors and windows if flooding does occur? View additional information about protecting your property from floods.

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1. How will we find out about a coming flood?
2. At what river level does our property begin to flood?
3. How can we prepare for floods?
4. How will we learn about evacuation orders?
5. What access roads can we use to evacuate in the case of rising waters?
6. What steps should we take to prepare our property?
7. Where should our family meet if we are separated during a flood event?
8. How do I keep my family safe during a flood?
9. What other considerations should I make?
10. What is the difference between a "watch" and a "warning"?