Preliminary Plat Review

560.111 Preliminary Plat; Specifications; Requirements; Preapplication Review Meeting.

Sec. 111.

(1) Before making or submitting a final plat for approval, the proprietor shall make a preliminary plat and submit copies to authorities as provided in this section and sections 112 to 119. A preliminary plat shall show the name, location, and position of the subdivision and the subdivision plan and layout in sufficient detail on a topographic map to enable a determination of whether the subdivision meets requirements for lots, streets, roads, and highways including drainage and floodplains.

(2) The preliminary plat shall be drawn to a scale of not more than 200 feet to 1 inch and may be an original drawing or reproduction, on unbacked paper. It shall contain proper identification of the parcel of land to be divided, the name of the plat and proposed division of the land, the name and address of the proprietor and the name, address and seal of the surveyor who prepared it, all legibly printed or typewritten. Additional preliminary land development plans may be made by other qualified persons to assist approving authorities to visualize the type and scope of the development planned.

(3) The proprietor may request that a preapplication review meeting take place by submitting a written request to the chairperson of the county plat board and submitting copies of a concept plan for the preliminary plat to the municipality and to each officer or agency entitled to review the preliminary plat under sections 113 to 118. A preapplication review meeting shall take place not later than 30 days after the written request and concept plan are received. The meeting shall be attended by the proprietor, representatives of each officer or agency entitled to review the preliminary plat under sections 113, 114, and 118, and a representative of the municipality. Representatives of each agency entitled to review the preliminary plat under sections 115 to 117 shall be informed of the meeting and may attend. The purpose of the meeting is to conduct an informal review of the proprietor's concept plan for the preliminary plat.

History: 1967, Act 288, Eff. January 1, 1968 ;- Am. 2004, Act 525, Eff. July 1, 2005

Popular Name: Plat Act

Popular Name: Subdivision Control