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Berrien County SealRules & Regulations

Updated and Adopted by the Berrien County Plat Board February 12, 2011.

 In accordance with Act 288, P.A. of 1967, as amended –portions of Act 288 provided.

 MCL 560.102 Definitions.

 As used in this act:  Sec. 102  …(r)

“County plat board” means the register of deeds, who shall act as chairperson, the county clerk, who shall act as secretary, and the county treasurer. If the offices of county clerk and register of deeds have been combined, the chairperson of the board of supervisors shall be a member of the plat board and shall act as chairperson. In a county where a board of auditors is authorized by law such board may elect to serve on the county plat board by adopting a resolution so ordering. A copy of the recorded resolution shall be sent to the director of the department of energy, labor, and economic growth.


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