Medical Marijuana Information

Medical MarijuanaSeveral questions have been asked regarding Michigan's medical marijuana law. Voters approved this new law on November 4, 2008. The Michigan Department of Community Health was designated to oversee the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP). The following links will provide information provided by


  • You must be a Michigan resident to be a registered patient in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP).
  • There is an application fee to register for the MMMP. The fee cannot be waived, although it can be reduced under certain circumstances.
  • You must have a qualifying debilitating medical condition as listed on the Attending Physician's Statement.
  • The MMMP cannot supply you with seeds or starter plants, or give you advice on how to grow medical marihuana.
  • Your physician must be a Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) licensed to practice in Michigan. You must have an established patient/physician relationship with your "attending physician." Other licensed health professionals such as Chiropractors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners cannot sign the documentation.
  • The MMMP cannot refer you to a physician. The MMMP does not have a physician referral list.
  • You, or your designated primary caregiver, may grow your marijuana. There is no place in the state of Michigan to legally purchase medical marihuana.
  • The MMMP cannot find a designated primary caregiver for you. The MMMP does not keep a referral list of persons who want to be caregivers for patients. (You are not required to list a caregiver unless you are less than 18 years old.) Your caregiver cannot be your physician.
  • If you decide to change your caregiver, it is your responsibility to notify him or her that he or she is no longer protected under the law. The MMMP does not communicate directly with caregivers.
  • The MMMP will only speak directly with the patient. All written requests to release information must be signed and dated by the patient. The MMMP will not accept written or verbal requests for information from your caregiver or any other person without your permission.
  • The Act neither protects marihuana plants from seizure nor individuals from prosecution if the federal government chooses to take action against patients or caregivers under the federal Controlled Substances Act.