Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)

Berrien County, like many other communities across the nation, is in the midst of undergoing a substance use disorder (SUD) service system transformation and moving toward a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC). The term Recovery Oriented System of Care reflects how services are both devised and implemented to promote long-term recovery, while including recovery individuals at the center of the planning process. A ROSC supports an individual's journey toward recovery and wellness by providing ongoing support and multiple coordinated strategies to assist the individual in sustaining their recovery and rebuilding their life in the community. ROSC places great emphasis on prevention services, personal and community health and wellness, and inclusion of recovering people to be system-change advisors, planners, and service-delivery specialists.

ROSC in Berrien County

Berrien County envisions a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) that supports an individual's journey toward recovery and wellness by creating and sustaining networks of formal and informal services and supports. The opportunities established through collaboration, partnership, and a broad array of services will promote life enhancing recovery and wellness for individuals, families, and communities throughout Berrien County.

The Berrien County Health Department along with many other Berrien County organizations and stakeholders are working towards creating a ROSC with greater emphasis on continuity of care, effective prevention at all ages, outreach and engagement, treatment, and on-going support for the recovery community. This group of leaders and community members are addressing the existing gaps in the network of recovery services, ensuring a wider range of available recovery supports, and fostering a culture of recovery, wellness, and improved quality of life.

Get Involved

ROSC effects everyone in Berrien County - help us create a healthier community by getting involved! Everyone can help knock down barriers by reducing the stigma of substance use disorders. If you are interested in participating in ROSC meetings or learning more about the efforts, please contact Elvin Gonzalez via email.