Community Services Round Table

Community Services Round Table is a bi-annual, tri-county event for community organizations and the public to learn about individual and family services that exist in Berrien County. The Community Services Roundtable has several purposes:

  • To provide an opportunity for service providers who work with Berrien County Agencies to share information about their services;
  • To promote more effective interfacing of individual and family services;
  • To update all those attending on the scope and nature of available services;
  • To provide an opportunity for agencies to distribute literature and other information about their services to other service providers; and
  • To identify gaps in services for Berrien County community members and their families.

Event Feedback

People who have attended the community service round tables have found that this event has been helpful to them personally and professionally and have made such comments as it was helpful to “Meet representatives from various agencies and learn about the services they provide;”

“To know that there are so many agencies that are working and partnering to better the lives of others;” 

“Just hearing about what is in our community and being able to access the various services.”

Additional Information

This event is free and open to anyone who may be interested in learning of local services or sharing information of a service that they provide. For more information, email Shannon Larry-Burton or call at 269-927-5692.