Commissioner Operational Objectives 2019-2020

operational objectives Based on Mission

The Berrien County Mission statement reads: "It is the mission of Berrien County Government to provide: Leadership, Cooperation with all Units of Government, Sound Fiscal Management and Planning, thereby promoting public safety, health, well-being and prosperity in order to improve the quality of life for present and future generations."

Following the strategic planning sessions held in the early part of 2019, which included facility visits, meeting with department heads and County-Wide Elected Officials, and discussing the many issues that Berrien County faces today and is projected in the future, the Berrien County Board of Commissioners set the operational objectives for 2019-2020 and did so via Resolution #B1908237 dated August 15, 2019.

  • Safe and resilient County for employees and the public (a. Where appropriate, implement the principles of asset management throughout all County departments and organizations).

  • Focus on support and improvement of County infrastructure. (a. Integrate the county policy guidelines with the road department’s current policy guidelines to achieve one policy guideline which applies to all county departments. b. Provide additional financial support to accelerate the road department’s ten-year asset management plan to improve all secondary roads as set forth in the asset management plan in fewer than ten years. c. Staff and financial resources will be utilized to pursue all options available to bring high speed internet into unserved areas of the county.)

  • Improve private sector jobs and tax base. (a. Work with the County’s strategic partners to attract additional high paying jobs into the County. b. Deliver a 2-year pilot transportation program to evaluate the viability of a county-wide public transportation program.

  • Make Berrien County the “Employer of Choice” in the public sector through evaluation and improvement of our personnel policies, salaries and benefits.

  • Establish Berrien County’s financial position rank in the Top 25% of counties in Michigan through diligent budgetary oversight and planning, including long-range analysis of retirement obligations.

  • Improve governance through technology. (a. Encourage greater efficiencies and cooperation with Berrien County cities, villages and townships by utilizing social media and other enhanced communications methods. b. Continue to expand the use of social media to involve the citizens of Berrien County in County activities and keep them informed).