Boards & Commissions

There are many boards and committees throughout Berrien County whose purpose is to better the lives of the citizens of Berrien County.  Each of these boards and committees has certain responsibilities and tasks depending on their given authority.

Our Boards and Committees Manual is provided to better inform citizens of this County who may be interested in volunteering their valuable time on these boards and committees in service to their community. 

Any individual interested in sitting on a County board or committee should submit an application to the County Board of Commissioners.  An application is included in this manual.  Additional applications are available at the County Administration Building, 701 Main St., St. Joseph, MI in the Administration Department.  Once applications are completed, they should be returned to the County Administration office for processing.

Each board and committee may have by-laws that determine who and how placements are made on that particular board. The summaries included in this manual are just that, summaries.  For more information on the filling of vacancies on boards and committees, you may contact the individual board or the County Administration office at (269) 983-7111, ext. 8095.

Per Diems are paid by the County for service on the following: Board of Commissioners; Jury Board; Election Canvassers Board; Re-Monumentation Board(mileage only for out of County board members); Building Authority; Planning Commission; Public Works; Solid Waste Planning; Trust Investment Advisory Committee; Sewage Appeals Board; Plat Board; Parks & Recreation; Health Board; Economic Development Corp.; Department of Human Services, Land Bank Authority, Brownfield Re-Development Authority and the Land Preservation Board.  As of January 2017, the per diem fee for meetings is $55 and the mileage reimbursement is at the IRS rate. 

Certain boards may provide per diems to some citizens who serve on their boards:  Southwest Michigan Planning Commission; and Mental Health Authority.