Who is Berrien?

John MacPherson Berrien was born on August 23, 1781, at Rocky Hill, New Jersey. When just an infant, the family moved to Savannah, Georgia. He went on to Princeton University and began a career in law where he succeeded to Judge, Georgia State Senator, United States Senator, and Attorney General. Berrien accepted the position of Attorney General within President Andrew Jackson's cabinet. He was affiliated with the Whig party.

Berrien County, Michigan, was given its name in honor of Attorney General Berrien. After resigning in 1831, he returned to private law practice, then gradually worked back into politics again.

John MacPherson Berrien died on January 1, 1856, in Savannah, Georgia, and was buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery. Although the state of Georgia is also honored in having a "Berrien County", his namesake in Michigan was a place he unfortunately never set foot upon but we are still proud to carry on his tradition of excellence and aspiration to greatness.

- Chriss Lyon

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