Michigan Adolescent Pregnancy & Parenting Program

Young StudentsIn the United States, 3 in 10 teens will become pregnant before the age of 20. This is why the Berrien County Health Department is partnering with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to offer the Michigan Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program to provide parenting support services to teens and their families.


If you are, or know someone between the ages of 14 to 21 who is pregnant and/or a parenting mom or dad, services are available to support you in being successful, healthy and thriving.


One-on-one case management and group support services will help you have the basic needs for today, the ability to meet the demands of tomorrow and the support to reach your goals for the future. Counseling services focus on:

Family Stability

Eight out of 10 teen dads do not marry the mother of their child. Meeting the basic needs of every mom, dad and child is important in ensuring a healthy family situation. We will work together to:

  • Assist you with finding safe and affordable housing
  • Help you find quality child care so you can finish your schooling
  • Develop and provide effective parenting skills
  • Assist you with transportation needs
  • Provide treatment options for alcohol and drug abuse

Continuing Education

Parenthood is the leading reason teens drop out of school and depend on welfare. Finishing high school is important and achieving your educational goals is possible. Ensuring each student has a foundation for success, MI-APPP provides individualized support and guidance in reaching personal educational goals:

  • Connect with alternative education methods such as instruction at home
  • Connecting with tutoring services
  • Financial literacy classes and workshops
  • Job and vocational training opportunities
  • College preparation programs and services

Establish Meaningful Relationships With the Help of Adult Advisors

Pregnancy puts strains on relationships important to teenage mom, dad and child. Connecting with others to improve key relationships and empower young parents is invaluable.

  • Connect with counseling, therapy or other support services
  • Connect teens with adults in the community
  • Learn how to develop and grow positive adult relationships
  • Learn to approach and discuss the tough topics with parents and guardians
  • Receive one-on-one mentoring services

Parent & Child Health Wellness

Providing a foundation for your healthy child is critical. We will work with you on the basics for a vibrant and healthy environment for mom, dad and child:

  • Connect to affordable health care services
  • Learn about health literacy
  • Assist with finding pre-natal and post-natal services
  • Learn about labor and delivery services
  • Learn about newborn care and breast feeding
  • Assist with family planning services

Available Mentorships

Pregnant and parenting teens need support, acceptance and guidance to become the caring parent they want to be. If you are a community member interested in making a difference in Berrien County, we want to hear from you. Opportunities exist for mentoring, supporting, and making a difference in the youth of our future. Contact us today.

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