Infant Safe Sleep

We know that it can be tempting to bring your baby into bed with you, or let your baby sleep in a bouncy seat just so you can get some rest. But the fact is that a baby dies every 3 days in Michigan due to unsafe sleeping environments and these deaths are 100% preventable. Take the time to learn how to put your baby to sleep safely each and every time - at nighttime and for naps.

Safe Sleep for Your BabySafe Sleep Checklist

  1. Baby should always sleep alone, in a crib, pack n' play, or bassinet.
  2. Always put baby to sleep on their back, even when the baby can roll over.
  3. Keep the crib free of pillows, blankets, comforters, stuffed animals, or other soft things.
  4. Keep the baby's face uncovered while sleeping and use a sleep sack instead of a blanket to keep them warm.
  5. Don't allow anyone to smoke around the baby.
  6. Use a firm mattress with a tightly fitting sheet in the crib, pack n' play, or bassinet.
  7. Don't let the baby sleep in an adult bed, or on a couch or chair with you or anyone else.

Baby's Own Bed

Are you in need of a safe place for your baby to sleep? Give us a call at 269-926-7121 to find out if you are eligible for the Baby's Own Bed program, and we may be able to provide you with a portable crib for your baby free of charge!