Healthy Berrien Consortium

Mental health stressors and trauma are a concern for the health and wellbeing of Berrien County residents. Join community leaders, organizations, and residents to learn more about building a healthier community at free events during the month of March. 

Call 269-983-8273 or email [email protected] if you have additional questions. 

About the Healthy Berrien Consortium

Healthy Berrien Consortium (HBC) is a network of key health care organizations and leaders formed to jointly undertake improving the health and well-being of Berrien County residents. Collaboratively, this group of organizations promote strategic actions to continuously improve the health and wellness of the entire community. A Steering Committee guides the direction of the Consortium as a whole, including prioritizing goals, maintaining sustainability, reviewing and managing budgets, and ensuring that the Consortium mission is reflected in all activities and work. 

Healthy Berrien Consortium Members

Area Agency on Aging
Berrien County Cancer Service
Berrien County Department of Health & Human Services
Berrien County Health Department
Cass Family Clinic Network
InterCare Community Health Network
PACE of Southwest Michigan
Riverwood Mental Health Authority
Southwest Michigan Planning Commission
Spectrum Health Lakeland
United Way of Southwest Michigan
YMCA of Southwest Michigan


Workgroups are formed by the Membership and/or Steering Committee when specific work is identified that can most efficiently be moved forward by a smaller group at separate meetings. Current workgroups and initiatives include: 

  • Be Healthy Berrien (ongoing)
  • Interagency Care Team (ongoing)
  • Building a Resilient Community - Addressing Mental Health & Trauma (ongoing)
  • Recreational Marijuana (temporary)

Current Healthy Berrien Consortium Leadership

Chair: Melinda Gruber, PhD (Caring Circle)