HIV Services

Our nurses are State-certified, experienced and trained to provide confidential or anonymous HIV testing in a non-judgmental manner. A nurse will see you, and ask questions about your risk for acquiring HIV. It is important for each person to understand their risks for acquiring HIV, and a risk reduction plan can be developed to help prevent future infection. 


The Rapid HIV test has a result available within 20 minutes at the same visit. The nurse will discuss your results with you once they are available. Please plan for your HIV testing appointment to take about an hour.


We provide community referrals for other identified client needs. Partner Services are offered to all individuals who test positive for HIV. HIV can be spread to sexual partners, needle-sharing partners, or to an unborn baby. Offering testing and counseling to contacts is very important, so people may get appropriate medical care and also to help stop the spread of the disease to others.

Location of Services

By appointment only at the Berrien County Health Department Benton Harbor and Niles offices.

Please call to schedule an appointment. Some evening appointments are available.