Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

It is the policy of the Berrien County Juvenile Center to strictly enforce a “Zero-tolerance” policy toward all forms of sexual abuse or harassment. This policy applies to all employees, residents, contract personnel, interns, volunteers and professional visitors.

The Berrien County Juvenile Center (BCJC) will immediately and aggressively investigate all allegations of sexual abuse and when deemed necessary and appropriate, refer the investigation to the Michigan State Police for further investigation and the Berrien County Prosecutor’s Office for possible criminal prosecution.

PREA Orientation

All residents admitted to the BCJC receive a PREA orientation briefing detailing their rights and responsibilities under the act and also on how to report incidents of alleged abuse or harassment.


The Berrien County Juvenile Center has had no PREA reportable incidents of sexual abuse or misconduct during the timeframe of 2013 to the present.

PREA Audits

The Berrien County Juvenile Center will immediately post the final report of any PREA audit on this website.