Phone Calls & Mail

Phone Policy

Per Policy and Procedure, the staff has the obligation and authority to verify the identity and relationship of all persons seeking to have phone contact with youth or for whom a youth seeks to contact.

Residents have access to a telephone to make personal calls as dialed by staff. Residents may ask staff to place calls to parents or legal guardians at the appropriate time as their program allows. Only staff may place a call. Residents may not receive calls from unauthorized persons or at times other than the normal schedule.

Residents are not permitted to receive or place calls to friends, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or grandparents unless authorized in the telephone log and/or the daily staff log or as approved by the Probation Officer, DHHS Case Worker, Case Manager, Supervisors or the Clinical and Treatment Services Manager. The duration of calls varies depending on the resident’s level in the program. 

Any violation of these rules may result in loss or restriction of telephone privileges.

Court/DHHS Personnel, Legal Counsel, & Representatives

Residents may receive calls from Court/DHHS personnel, legal counsel and their representatives at any time. The resident may place calls to Court/DHHS personnel, legal counsel and their representatives at any time during normal working hours. Phone calls may not last longer than 10 minutes (exceptions-court/DHHS personnel, legal counsel and/or their representative).

Other Phone Rules

  • If at any time you are unsure of your privileges, contact the Probation officer, Case Manager, Clinical and Treatment Services Manager or Juvenile Center Supervisor.
  • Your child will only be allowed ONE call during his calling time, per day.  This means one call to either parent or legal guardian.
  • Parents or legal guardians are authorized to speak with your child. 
  • In our level system, your child can earn additional phone calls and may be allowed to speak with other relatives.
  • No incoming phone calls are allowed.
  • Telephone calls and visitation are privileges that will be restricted or denied if abused/misused by the resident or the resident’s family members.

Mail Policy

There is no limit on the number of letters a resident may receive. Your child’s address while here is:

(Your Child’s Name)
c/o Berrien County Juvenile Center
6414 Dean's Hill Road
Berrien Center, MI 49102


Residents are given postage stamps based on their program level:

  • Level One Residents receive 2 stamps per week
  • Level Two Residents receive 4 stamps per week
  • Level Three Residents receive 6 stamps per week

You may provide your child with postage stamps if you so choose. There is no limit on the number of letters a resident may send if the resident has his/her own stamps.

Mail Processing

All mail is processed by the Juvenile Center staff and is subject to being opened for safety and security purposes. On the occasion when a resident’s mail must be opened, it will be opened and reviewed in front of the resident after the resident is made aware of the purpose and reason.