Medical Services

The Juvenile Center has a licensed nurse and doctor available to respond to all residents’ medical needs. Within 72 hours of admission into the facility, our medical staff have all residents complete a medical history interview. An exam by the Center doctor will follow the interview.

Nurses & Doctors

If a resident wants to see the Nurse they can make a request to their assigned staff to do so. Staff will make out a Resident Medical Complaint Form and when the Nurse receives the form she will contact the resident. Residents wishing to see the doctor must first be seen by the nurse.


Residents wishing to see a Therapist must make a request to their assigned staff and make out a Therapist Request Form. When the Therapist receives the form, he/she will contact the resident.

Psychiatric Services

On-site psychiatric services (assessments, evaluations and medication reviews) are provided to residents via a community mental health contracted provider. Residents determined to possibly benefit from psychotropic medications receive these from a contracted correctional pharmacy.