Reimbursement for the care and custody provided by a foster parent(s) is based on the needs of the foster youth. A Difficulty of Care Assessment is conducted to determine the rate of the foster youth's level of care/need. Reimbursement is calculated by the Court on a per day basis. Checks are mailed once a month. 

The current rate of reimbursement for foster care of juvenile delinquent court wards ranges from a minimum of $30.00 per youth, per day; to a maximum of $50.00 per youth, per day, based on the Difficulty of Care Assessment. 

Please note that rates of reimbursement for the care of children placed into foster care by the Department of Health and Human Services differ from the rates above.

Reimbursement is non-taxable and not considered income. Each foster family must, "have a defined source of income, and be capable of managing that income, to meet the needs of the foster family." In other words, a foster family must be able to meet their financial obligations without receiving foster care reimbursement.