local municipalities

Some local governments coordinate tire recycling collection events for their residents. Contact your local municipal hall to ask about events in your area.

businesses that accept tires for recycling

Ask about the recycling fee before dropping off tires. The fees help cover handling, transportation, and the costs to properly recycle tires. The used tires can be retread, burned as fuel, or ground up into crumb rubber and used in place of asphalt.

  • Baroda Tire Center: 1638 Lemon Creek Rd., Baroda, 269-422-1154.
  • D and D Tire Sales: 1431 S. 11th St., Niles, 269-684-6058.
  • Dave’s Garage: 713 N. 13th St., Niles, 269-683-7220.
  • Grand Beach Tire and Auto Repair: 13964 Grand Ave., New Buffalo, 269-469-9402.
  • M and W Tire: 2216 S. M-139, Benton Harbor, 269-926-7909.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Service Provider: contact your service auto repair service directly to ask about tire recycling options.

Tire Disposal Issues

Tire piles may hold water and become mosquito breeding grounds. Tire piles can also be a fire hazard because once ignited, they burn uncontrollably at very hot temperatures and produce black smoke and hazardous, oily residue. Whole tires are not allowed in Michigan landfills.