Sheriff Foreclosure Auctions

The Sheriff is obligated by statute to hold the Mortgage Foreclosure Auctions in Berrien County. Here is some helpful information for those that are interested in how the auction process works.

  • Foreclosure Property listings can be found in the Sheriff's News section on the Berrien County Sheriff's Office main web page or by clicking here.
  • The Sheriff’s Mortgage Foreclosure sale is held at 11:00 a.m. on Fridays (except holidays) in the 3rd floor jury room of the Courthouse in St. Joseph, Michigan.  
  • Anyone present can bid on the property being auctioned. Successful third party bidders will be allowed one hour after the auction closes to secure a bank-certified check for the total amount of the bid. If the person making the successful bid fails to present the proper funds to the deputy before the set deadline the person making the next highest bid prior to the bid being closed will be allowed 30 minutes to present the deputy with the necessary funds.
  • Bids will close immediately after the competitive bidding has ended.
  • Some properties listed for auction may be adjourned or put on hold. The Sheriff’s Office is not given any information as to why the sale was adjourned. Adjournment notices are posted in the cabinets near the public entrance to the Courthouse in St. Joseph every Friday prior to the auction.
  • The Berrien County Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for the accuracy of the foreclosure information. The data provided is gathered and presented by private parties who prepare foreclosures. Properties listed are subject to change without notice. The status of a sale can change at any time due to cancellation, adjournment or other reasons. This means that a scheduled sale may not occur as indicated. Sale results will not be posted. If you have questions regarding foreclosures you should contact the Detroit Legal News or the private law office processing the foreclosure.
  • Properties to be sold for auction are generally advertised in the Berrien County Record or other local newspapers.

If you need any further assistance please call  269-983-7141, extension 7266.