Used Motor Oil

Used motor oil contains heavy metals and hydrocarbons like benzene. Used oil does not belong in the trash nor should it be dumped on the ground because it may cause contamination to the soil and groundwater.

Many of these places will accept used oil filters, as well. Inquire at each location:

  • Advance Auto Parts: 900 S 11th St., Niles. 269-683-5413. Accepts: used motor oil.
  • Autozone Stores: 1582 Hilltop Rd., St. Joseph, 269-983-6049; 1681 M-139, Benton Harbor, 269-925-2288; US 31-33, Berrien Springs, 269-471-9752; 702 S. 11th St., Niles, 269-684-7160. Accepts: up to 5 gallons of used motor oil, plus used oil filters.
  • Baroda Tire: Baroda Tire Center: 1638 Lemon Creek Rd., Baroda, 269-422-1154; 7033 Red Arrow Highway, Coloma, 269-468-3100; and 708 South Red Bud Trail, Buchanan, 269-695-9041. Accepts: used motor oil and filters.
  • Household Chemical Collections: Accepts: motor oil, filters, and other automotive liquids and oils from residents.
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts: 550 S. 11th St., Niles, 269-340-7004 and 2075 Niles Rd., St. Joseph, 269-982-4275. Accepts: used motor oil and filters.
  • Southeast Berrien County Landfill Recycle Center: 3200 Chamberlain Rd., Buchanan, 269-695-2500. www.sebclandfill.com/recycle. Accepts: used motor oil, oil filters, transmission fluid and antifreeze.

Auto Body Shops: many shops will accept used motor oil from residents. Contact your local service location directly.

Used Cooking Oil

Liquids should not be put in the trash. Bring used liquid cooking oil to the Household Chemical Collection Events.  


Visit the Antifreeze page for disposal information.