scrap metal

  • Benton Metal Recycling: 1256 Milton Rd., Benton Harbor, 269-926-1161,
  • Green Earth Electronics Recycling: 4200 Niles Rd., St. Joseph, 269-326-1232,
  • Harbor Habitat Restore: 2302 Plaza Dr., Benton Harbor, 269-927-0006,
  • LH Auto Recycling: 2267 Reum Rd., Niles, 269-684-1685. 
  • Padnos, Benton Harbor Division: 1410 N. Paw Paw Ave., Benton Harbor, 269-927-1030. 
  • Padnos, Redbud Recycling Division: 15565 Walton Rd., Buchanan, 269-695-6804.
  • Michiana Recycling & Disposal: 33541 Reum Rd., Niles, 269-687-5865.

Metal Cans

Other Metal

Most dry cleaners will take back used metal clothes hangers for reuse.

Returnable Beverage Cans

Michigan is one of 10 states with a beverage container deposit law. Only "beverage containers" require a deposit and can be redeemed. The law states under MCL Section 445.571(b) that a beverage means a “soft drink, soda water, carbonated natural mineral water, or other nonalcoholic carbonated drink; beer, ale, or other malt drink of whatever alcoholic content; or a mixed wine drink or a mixed spirit drink.” Bringing beverage containers from out of state on which no deposit was paid in Michigan for the purpose of collecting a deposit on the containers is illegal. More information about the Michigan Bottle Bill can be found by searching "Bottle Bill" at the  Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy.