Mattress Reuse

  • Mosaic Resale and Resource Center: 38 W. Wall St., Benton Harbor, 269-925-9925. Accepts: mattresses in good, reusable condition. Call for more detail about mattress donation and pick-up options.

Mattress Disposal

  • Place of Purchase: when purchasing a new mattress, ask about removal of your old mattress. 
  • Orchard Hill Landfill: 3290 Hennessey Rd., Watervliet, 269-463-5588.
  • Southeast Berrien County Landfill: 1540 Mayflower Rd., Niles, 269-695-2500 x210.
  • Waste Hauler: contact your waste pick-up service directly to ask about mattress pick-up and disposal.

Learn more about mattress recycling and disposal from Consumer Affairs webpage