• Benton Metal Recycling: 1256 Milton Rd., Benton Harbor. 269-926-1161.
  • Berrien County Community Recycling Events: electronics are accepted at the community collection days coordinated by Berrien County Parks Department.
  • Best Buy: 1515 Orchard Crossing, Benton Harbor. 269-926-6800. Accepts televisions up to 32 feet, flat screen TV up to 60 inches, computers and peripherals, printers, radios, and small electronics. Call 296-926-6800 or visit the Best Buy website for full list of accepted items. Fees charged on televisions and computer monitors is $25 per item.
  • Green Earth Electronics Recycling: 4200 Niles Rd., St. Joseph. 269-326-1232. Electronics recycling drop-off hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., excluding holidays. Call 296-326-1232 about pick up service options. www.greenearth1.com. Recycling services provided to residents, businesses, and institutions. Click Green Earth website for complete list of accepted items and list of fees on certain items. Contact Green Earth for information about their disk and hard drive destruction services.
  • Padnos Benton Harbor Division: 1410 N. Paw Paw Ave., Benton Harbor, 269-927-1030. Accepts: most types of electronics and appliances. Fees apply on computer monitors and TVs. 
  • Padnos Redbud Recycling Division: 15565 Walton Rd., Buchanan, 269-695-6804. Accepts: most types of electronics and appliances. Fees apply on computer monitors and TVs.  
  • Radio Shack: 722 S. 11th St., Niles. 269-684-7368. Accepts small electronics/e-waste including radios, telephones, computers, monitors (fees apply), printers, cameras, televisions (fees apply), computer accessories, remote controls, headphones, and any small device with a cord or operating on batteries. Also accepted are power cords, cables, wires and other connections, etc.
  • Staples: 1485 Mall Dr., Benton Harbor. 269-927-2242. Accepts computers, monitors, peripherals, desktop printers, other small electronics. No TVs or large equipment. Call 296-927-2242 or visit the Staples website for a complete list of accepted items.
  • Electronics Repair Shops: ask at your computer and electronics repair shop if they can recycle some of your unwanted equipment.

Video & audio tapes

Currently, there are no local businesses that recycle VCR tapes, DVDs, cassette tapes, etc.  Some local reuse or donation shops will take VCR and DVDs that are in good condition for resale.  Inquire at these shops prior to dropping off items.  There are interesting art projects to do with old tapes. Search arts and craft sites online for project ideas. 

Why You Should Recycle Electronics

Electronics are a fast growing portion of trash in America. They are made with valuable materials such as steel, glass, plastic, and precious metals. Plus, electronics can present an environmental hazard if they are disposed of improperly. With an average of four pounds of lead in many older TV picture tubes or computer monitors, along with other potentially hazardous materials, electronics call for special handling at the end of their lives.