Teaching, Educating & Mentoring (T.E.A.M.)


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T.E.A.M. (Teaching, Educating, and Mentoring) School Liaison Program is a school-based "law related" education program taught by specially trained officers. Unlawful and youthful risk taking behavior is addressed in this program with lessons on the laws and consequences that commonly affect students.

Elementary Class Group PhotoThe Elementary School lessons focus primarily on safety for younger students. The Middle and High School lessons are more sophisticated. For example, High school lessons cover: weapon and drug free school zones; drug, alcohol and tobacco use; traffic safety; personal protection issues affecting teens, such as date-rape, stalking, sexual harassment; and domestic violence.

TEAM is flexible and adaptable to most classroom settings. Each lesson is approximately 30 to 45 minutes long and can be taught in sequence over a period of time or can be taught as a stand-alone lesson. The TEAM Curriculum has been reviewed by Michigan Model, ODCP, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and is certified by MCOLES.