Recycling Locations

Appliances can be recycled at the following locations:

  • Benton Metal Recycling:1256 Milton Rd., Benton Harbor. 269-926-1161.
  • Berrien County Recycling Collection Events
  • Charities and social service organizations often take working appliances. Please refer to the list of social service organizations in the Yellow Pages and see the Household Goods page in this Recycling Guide.
  • Green Earth Electronics Recycling: 4200 Niles Rd., St. Joseph. 269-326-1232. Accepts all types of appliances, including Freon containing devices and pick-up service.
  • Harbor Habitat Restore accepts working appliances for resale and non-working, metal appliances for recycling.
  • Michiana Metal and Scrap Recycling: 33541 Reum Rd., Niles. 269-687-5865.
  • Padnos - Benton Harbor: 1410 N. Paw Paw Ave., Benton Harbor. 269-927-1030.
  • Padnos - Buchanan: 15565 Walton Rd., Buchanan. 269-695-6804.


Refrigerators, freezers, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners contain Freon, a chemical known as Chlorinated Fluorocarbons, which can harm the environment if released. Some of the services listed have Freon removal services, please call for details.

Pick Up / Removal

Contact your waste hauler to see how large appliance pick-up is handled or ask about removal of old appliances when buying new. When setting appliances out for pick up or removal, please remove the door (especially on refrigerators and freezers). It only takes minutes for a child to suffocate in a closed refrigerator/freezer.