Drop-Off Recycling

galien village & township

Call for location and date details, 269-545-3647. Municipally funded. Residents only. Accepts corrugated cardboard, newspaper, glass bottles & jars, metal cans, plastic bottles & jugs.

Michiana recycling & disposal, niles

33541 Reum St., Niles. 800-722-9710. www.michianarecyclinganddisposal.com. Accepts newspaper, corrugated cardboard, metal cans (from kitchen waste), plastic bottles & jugs #1 & #2 only, glass bottles & jars.

orchard hill landfill, watervliet

3290 Hennessey Rd., Watervliet. 269-463-5588. Open M-F 7-4:30, SA 7-12. Hours may adjust in winter. Accepts corrugated cardboard, newspaper including inserts, paper bags, copy paper, junk mail, magazines, glass bottles & jars (all colors), metal food cans, clear plastic bottles & jugs #1-#7, foil, pie tins, and lids from jars.

padnos, Benton harbor

1410 N. Paw Paw Ave., Benton Harbor. 927-1030. Accepts paper, magazines, books, metal, and electronics.  As of August 2018, Padnos Benton Harbor Division is NOT accepting corrugated cardboard for recycling.

padnos, buchanan

15565 Walton Rd., Buchanan. 695-6804. Accepts cardboard, paper, magazines, books, metal, and electronics.

republic services, stevensville

7227 Reliable Path, off of Linco Rd., Stevensville. 465-3773 or 800-677-1083. Accepts corrugated cardboard, paperboard, newspaper, office paper, junk mail, phonebooks, magazines, brown paper bags, metal cans, glass bottles and jars (all colors), plastic bottles and jugs #1 and #2, household plastics containers #3-#7. Items that are NOT accepted include foam, plastic bags, or paper milk or juice cartons. Recycling fee for dropping off materials is $3 per load. 

southeast berrien county landfill recycle center, buchanan

3200 Chamberlain Rd., Buchanan. 695-2500. Open M-F 7-5, SA 8-12. Slightly reduced hours in the winter months. Accepts corrugated cardboard, newspaper, magazines, mixed paper, phonebooks, glass bottles & jars, aluminum cans, aluminum foil, plastic bottles & jugs #1 & #2, Styrofoam food containers & blocks, used motor oil & filters, antifreeze, and automobile batteries.

weesaw township, new troy

The Weesaw Township recycling center in New Troy is not in service at this time (6/5/2019). Check back for program changes and updates.