Snowmobile Patrol

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The Berrien County Sheriff's Office has a snowmobile patrol that utilizes designated trails throughout the county. Officers assist riders and enforce laws regarding snowmobile operation. We hope that you will have a safe and enjoyable season riding the trails in southwest Michigan.

Online Snowmobile Safety Courses - Approved by DNR for Youth Operators

An online snowmobile safety course aimed at youth operators has received the endorsement of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). It is the first online course for snowmobile safety endorsed by the DNR.

Successful completion of the online course would satisfy Michigan's snowmobile safety education requirement for youth operators. Under Michigan law, snowmobile operators at least 12 years of age, but less than 17, are required to carry the safety training certificate with them whenever they are operating a snowmobile in Michigan.

The online course, offered by Fresh Air Educators Inc., provides another option for those interested in taking an approved safety course. Traditional in-person classroom courses are still offered throughout Michigan. There is a $29.95 fee to take the online course. More information on the online course can be at There is also a quick link to the DNR website under Education and Outreach when searching for available Recreational Safety classes in your area.

Snowmobile Hand SignsBerrien County Snowmobile Classes

There are no snowmobile safety classes scheduled at this time. With the DNR approved online course, the amount of requests for classes from the Berrien County Sheriff's Office have been drastically reduced. Since snowmobiling is so weather dependent, the online course may be a better option in order to be certified when/if conditions are right for snowmobiles.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! And be safe!