Your Role as a Juror

You've heard the term "jury of one's peers." In our country the job of determining the facts and reaching a just decision rests, not with "the government" or any other "higher authority," but with a jury, which is a small cross-section of the people in the community - fellow-citizens of the parties to the lawsuit.

Your part as a juror is vital. You and your fellow-jurors will decide all disputed questions of fact. The judge who presides over the trial will decide the technical questions of law, but you, the jury, will have to consider all the evidence and, from what you see and hear during the trial, determine what the facts of the case really are.

Then you will apply the law (as explained by the judge at the end of the trial) to the facts you have determined, and decide the case.

In other words, you, the jury - not the judge, not "the system" - will decide the case. Justice depends upon you.