Disc Golf

Disc Golf Course

One of the most popular features at Madeline Bertrand is a challenging disc golf course. Disc golf is a game played with a flying disc, or what many call a "frisbee." Players make their first throw from the tee area and then throw again from the spot where the disc lands. To make their final "putt," players throw the disc into a metal basket or "disc catcher." Like traditional golf, the player with the fewest number of strokes (or in this case, throws) wins. It's an easy, fun, and affordable game for players of all age and skill levels!

2021 Lost Discs List

  • Disc golfers: Did you lose a disc at Madeline Bertrand this year? Review the list below, and if you see a disc you lost and can identify it by color, plastic, and/or identifying marks, we would be happy to get them back to you all. Just drop by the office, give us a call at (269) 683-8280, or send us an email.
  • 2021 Lost Discs List (PDF)


The Madeline Bertrand disc golf course features 18 holes from spring through fall and 9 holes during the winter. The course is open to all during regular park hours and is host to several disc golf events each year.


While any disc can be used to play the game, golf discs are specifically designed for the sport. Some are designed to curve left or right, while others are designed for long-range drives or to maximize short range accuracy. Some players carry just one disc, but many carry several in their disc golf bags. The disc golf pro shop in the Visitor Center at Madeline Bertrand features a full line of golf discs and accessories for sale - and you can also rent discs here!

Disc Golf Fees

Annual Disc Golf Permit

  • Adult: $30
  • Youth*: $20

Daily Disc Golf Pass

  • Adult: $4
  • Youth*: $3

Daily Disc Rental

  • Adult: $1
  • Youth*: $0.50

*Youth rates apply to those 15 and under.