Copies & Searches

Searches for specific documents can be conducted by the Register of Deeds office. Register of Deeds' personnel are happy to assist you in conducting a search in the land records.

  • Copy of real estate records, $1 per page
  • Copy of plats of record and any document page over tabloid-size, $3 per page
  • Searching the records and files, per name - 50 cents per year with a minimum fee of $5 if you are not in our office and do not participate in the search process.  Searches conducted by Register of Deeds' staff are "good faith" searches and will be conducted as daily workflow allows
  • To certify a recorded document, $5

Index information is provided and searches can be conducted online. Copies of documents may also be acquired and paid for via the internet.  Please read all notices regarding access and payment before printing any document pages.

Financing Statement Search Certificate (UCC)

  • UCC Search - $6 per name searched
  • State or Federal Tax Lien Certificates - $3 per name searched
  • Copy of UCC filings - $2 per page
  • Copy of State or Federal Tax Lien - $1 per page

The information disclosed on a UCC search [Personal Property filing] would contain information regarding files in the Register's office through June 30, 2001. Effective July 1, 2001, realty related filings are recorded in the real estate index only and will not appear on searches listed above that are prepared by this office.

  • Certification of any of the above - $5 per record copy