Public Defenders Office

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By the authority of the Berrien County Board of Commissioners, the Public Defender Office was created by Resolution Number C1610291 dated October 13, 2016. The office has been staffed and operational since January 1, 2017. 

The office is staffed by a team of Public Defenders, as well as a roster of independent conflict panel defense attorneys committed to the Standards for Indigent Defense as provided by the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission. 

Our interdisciplinary team of professionals adhere to the holistic defense model, providing not only the highest quality representation for our clients as they face criminal charges, but also seeking to obtain the best possible outcomes for clients by providing social support and connecting clients with local social support services. 

Request for Appointment of Counsel

To request appointment of counsel, the form below may be utilized. The Request for Appointment of Counsel form may be downloaded, printed and filled out or electronically filled out, and submitted either in person, by mail, or email (see the notice below).

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If submitting this form via email, please protect your personal information and send this form via a secure and encrypted method and send to our office at [email protected].

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