Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

What is GIS?

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are database systems that use various software packages to assemble, store, display, and manipulate data in geographic space. GIS is capable of not only creating digital or static maps, but also running complex analysis and generating reports for both spatial and non-spatial data.

In other words; GIS links table data to its prospective location in geographic space, creating dynamic and informative custom maps or reports. GIS incorporates various sources of graphical information to help local units of government, developers, the public, and businesses make more informed decisions within Berrien County.

Interactive Mapping Site

How to Split / Combine Property (PDF)



The Berrien County Department of GIS and Land Description has two principal areas of responsibility:

Geographic Information Systems

Development of comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that provide valuable tools for more efficient and effective access, linking, analysis, and maintenance of information for and about the county and its citizens.

Land Description

Maintenance of the property descriptions, taxpayer names, address records, property maps, as well as, aerial photography for all 39 local assessing units in the county.

7 Ways Berrien County's Interactive Mapping Site Serves You

  1. View property lines over aerial photographs
  2. Find current taxpayer information
  3. Create mailing lists for specific regions and neighborhoods
  4. Customize, save, and print maps
  5. Search by and identify latitude and longitude points
  6. (GPS Coordinates)
  7. View current and historic aerial photographs
  8. Around the clock access