Notarizing Documents

Notarizing a document is the official certifying process that renders documents worthy of the public trust, and offers assurance that a document is authentic and that the signature is genuine.

The Berrien County Clerk’s Office notarizes documents for a $10 fee per document. At the time of notarization, the following requirements must be met:

  • Everyone who needs to sign the document must be present - at the same time.
  • Everyone signing the document must have a current Driver’s License, State ID, or a valid Passport. The ID must contain a current expiration date, their photo and signature.
  • The document must be completely filled out – no blank spaces.
  • The document must be in English, so our Clerks are easily able to read it.
  • The signer(s) must be competent and fully understand the document being notarized.
  • The signer(s) must be willing to sign without being coerced.
  • The signer(s) must be able to sign or make a mark (“x”) without assistance.
  • Two witnesses may be needed, depending on the document requirements.
  • By law (Michigan Notary Public Act 238 of 2003), our office cannot notarize a document as an “Original” or “True Copy” of another document. Notaries have limited powers. Basically, they may only certify that they have identified a document signer, and administered an oath.